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“Potatos.ru” LLC is a young fast-growing company, founded and based in Moscow, Russia.

Russian potato market (and potato markets in other CIS countries) remains unstructured and opaque due to lack of complete and accurate market information, technology and participants.

Whole industry suffers considerable losses and transaction costs all the way through the potato supply chain "selection - seed potato production - production for table potatoes - storage - transport - processing - sale" remain high due to such unstructured and non-transparency, limited market information. At the same time, all the CIS countries have enormous potential for growth in production and exports of potato and its processed products due to many reasons.

Because of that, potato market in Russia and CIS remains not only unstructured, but undeveloped too. There are too few potato products processors, too few potato processing equipment producers, there is lack of high quality and innovative growing equipment and machinery. That is why there is a huge demand in foreign producers of equipment, machinery, seed potatoes etc.

Our firm was founded not only to make potato market in Russia and CIS more transparent and structured, but also to build a bridge between CIS and other world, to make interaction between our growers and producers and foreign counterparties more comfortable, stable and efficient.

That is why we are really interested in establishing good and long-term relations with the firms, who are willing to enter or expand its presence on market of Russia and CIS.

We are always ready for any kinds of cooperation and partnership!

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Potatoes. Potatoes are often referred to as a second bread: it is used in a great number of dishes, and potatoes as a side dish is known worldwide and used in dishes of many nations of the world.

Potato is a very diverse culture. Table potato could be crisp, and sometimes retain its shape during cooking. The potato may have a different color not only of flowers, but also of tubers: from red to blue. There are known even purple potatoes.

Seed potato producers also know that to get the seed of new varieties through classical breeding, approximately fifteen years is needed! But during this time potato can obtain necessary properties and quality.

This portal is dedicated to the potato, its production, processing and selection. Potatos.ru is a unique resource for the Russian market growers, since it accumulates up-to-date and useful information about the market and its participants on-line!

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